Versius introduced in leading public hospitals in Egypt

  • Renowned teaching hospital, Ain Shams University Specialized Hospital, was the first hospital to introduce Versius
  • Demand for Versius continues to grow across MEA with rapidly expanding caseloads across a range of surgical specialties

CMR Surgical – the global surgical robotics business – has today announced the launch of its Versius® Surgical Robotic System in Egypt. Versius has been introduced at both Ain Shams University Specialized Hospital and the International Hospital for Urology & Nephrology (IHUN), as CMR works with ATG group to meet significant demand for Versius from one of the largest countries in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region. Versius is being used to perform a range of high-volume general surgery and urological procedures, helping to treat patients with colorectal and urological cancers, bowel and kidney disease.

High tech surgical care is highly prominent in the health system in Egypt, with adoption of the latest technology for RAS growing rapidly in Ministry of Health supported public hospitals in Egypt, such as Ain Shams. Ain Shams is one of the largest teaching hospitals in Africa and the Middle East and has a strong reputation globally as a research centre and training institute. The hospital was the first in Egypt to adopt Versius, where it is being used for a range of general and urological surgical procedures. At IHUN, Versius has been used in urological surgery. Using robotic keyhole surgery in these cases may reduce recovery time for a patient when compared to open surgery and can significantly reduce physical strain of operating for the surgeon.

Mark Slack, Chief Medical Officer of CMR Surgical said:

“There is huge potential for surgical robotics in Egypt, a healthcare system that is renowned for clinical and academic excellence. The adoption of Versius by Ain Shams, one of the largest public teaching hospitals, and IHUN, a dedicated urological centre, is just the beginning. The diversity of procedures being completed across both Ain Shams and IHUN is a testament to the versatility of Versius. It is encouraging to see that in the short time that they have been using Versius, they have been able to complete a high-volume of procedures primarily treating a range of cancers, cementing the value Versius can offer healthcare systems globally.”

Dr Tarek Youssef, Senior General & Colorectal Surgeon at Ain Shams University Hospital said:

“Due to its size and modular design, we have easily been able to incorporate Versius into our busy clinical practice, performing complex surgeries that would otherwise have had to be performed using open surgery. Versius provides advantages in terms of increased accuracy and dexterity, both crucial assets in surgery, whilst also providing significant benefits to patients. We are delighted to be an innovator in Egypt as the first to use Versius and look forward to providing more patients with robotic surgery in the future.”

The news of Versius launching in Egypt follows the recent successful introductions of the system in Pakistan and in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), where CMR have recently opened a hub to support the UAE region. Versius is now being used across the Middle East, Europe, India and Australia to perform surgical procedures across a range of specialities including gynaecology, colorectal surgery, thoracic surgery general surgery and urology.