Creating companies with real value

Why CIC?

We were set up with one aim:  to increase the successful commercialisation of life sciences and deep tech innovation

Since 2014 we've been matching the objectives of innovators with the expectations of investors to create companies that contribute to society – raising over £0.5 billion along the way and helping around 40 companies, whose innovations are set to transform the lives of many.

Through our investments, we’re helping to guide the development of disruptive companies in fields as diverse as cancer therapy, genomic diagnosis, surgical robotics, artificial intelligence and quantum computing.

Our commercial objective of creating value is central to our business, but our motivation is broader. We are driven by a desire to use our expertise to support companies and the wider innovation ecosystem to positively impact society.

Cambridge Innovation Capital is a leading Series A investor in the Cambridge ecosystem.

We were born out of a unique relationship with the University of Cambridge and we maintain privileged access to its most inspiring ideas and people in life sciences and deep tech.


Wherever you’re going, you need someone who knows where you’re coming from.

Early stage

Seed through Series A is a critical stage in company development

CIC's early stage funds are focused on Seed funding to accelerate your ideas, and Series A to further develop your company.

During these early stages CIC helps entrepreneurs balance the demands of technology development with business growth. The company's founders are rapidly developing from entrepreneurs to leaders.

Later stage

Continuing support during growth

CIC's opportunity and growth funds support later stage companies providing scale-up capital, technical knowledge and commercial experience, and draw on our connections within and beyond the Cambridge ecosystem.


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Identifying potential star performers to provide early access to investment opportunities

We worked with key stakeholders in the ecosystem to establish two accelerators: Start Codon for life sciences and healthcare businesses, and Deeptech Labs for technology businesses.

The aim of these early business accelerators is to fuel the progress of research by compressing years of learning into structured and intensive programmes.

The Cambridge ecosystem, as a centre of academic excellence and innovation, has an extraordinary track record for building category-leading life sciences and technology businesses. But more businesses succeed when there is sufficient dedicated, hands-on support to bridge the gap between translational research and Series A ready businesses.

Companies in the accelerators join groups benefitting from resources to develop their ideas and complete the programme with demonstrations of their discovery, process, or product.

Seed funding provides a financial platform
Expert practitioners support business model development and product-directed discovery
Access to a global network of investors and corporate partners

Start Codon

Start something amazing

Life Sciences accelerator, Start Codon, is a partnership between Cambridge Innovation Capital, The Milner Institute and The Babraham Institute.

It supports disruptive innovations created by exceptional teams from across the globe, accepting ten applicants onto its programme each year.

Deeptech Labs

The catalyst for deeptech success

Deeptech Labs is a partnership between Cambridge Innovation Capital, ARM, the University of Cambridge, and Marshalls, providing seed funding, mentorship, and access to resources to help entrepreneurs develop their ideas.

Twice a year, a cohort of start-ups enter a powerful network of successful entrepreneurs, expert practitioners, leading researchers, and deeptech organisations worldwide, with many opportunities to meet and learn from others and increase the chances and speed of success.

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