• After a record quarter, CMR closes the year with a Versius global install base more than 50% higher than 2022
  • Over 17,000 surgical procedures completed using Versius, representing a procedural growth rate of over 60% in 2023, compared with 2022, with an increasing number of complex surgeries being undertaken with Versius
  • Continued expansion into new markets in Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa, and Latin America
  • New product launches expected in 2024, including advanced technologies with enhancements in vision technology, instrumentation, and digital products to further strengthen the value Versius offers to customer

CMR Surgical (CMR or ‘the Company’), the global surgical robotics business, today announces a strong close to 2023. The Company has experienced a record number of Versius installations in one quarter, and the highest number of procedures undertaken by surgeons in the Company’s history, delivering on its mission to bring minimal access surgery to everyone who needs it.

The Versius Surgical Robotic System is being used to perform benign and complex surgical procedures around the world, including low anterior resections, prostatectomies, lobectomies and hysterectomies. Versius is a small, modular, and digitally native system that has been designed to be simple to adopt whilst providing surgeons with the versatility to place their surgical ports to best suit the needs of the patient. The system’s unique form factor means hospitals can easily move Versius between departments due to the product’s versatility, fitting into virtually any operating room, to maximise utilisation and without incurring cost of modifications to hospital infrastructure which can be considerable. Demonstrating the versatility of Versius across a wide range of surgical specialties, customers that have recently adopted the system include Norra Älvsborgs Hospital (NÄL) in Sweden where they will focus on colorectal, upper GI and gynaecological surgeries, Kreiskrankenhaus Rotenburg (Germany) who will use the system for general surgery, Clinique Urologique Nantes-Atlantis a leading centre for urology in France and Hospital Evangelico in Brazil who will be using Versius across general surgery, urology, gynaecology and thoracic surgery.

CMR expanded into new markets in 2023 as we saw the first Versius systems installed in Greece and Indonesia, helping to achieve the Company’s mission of making robotic assisted minimal access surgery more accessible to patients worldwide.

Supratim Bose, Chief Executive Officer of CMR Surgical, commented: “As we enter our fifth year since the launch of Versius, this is a tremendously exciting time for CMR and our customers as we see the momentum for Versius, and robotic assisted surgery grow exponentially. Versius is a truly differentiated product that is helping more hospitals around the world offer robotic assisted surgery. Additionally, the launch of new advanced technologies for Versius – across both hardware and software – will be a gamechanger this year. We are already seeing Versius prove its use in complex surgeries, and with new products on the market, we look forward to working with our customers to expand the procedures that are performed using Versius, and welcome new hospitals in existing and new geographies, so that more patients can benefit from robotic assisted surgery.”

Thierry Rousseau, President of the Medical Committee, Clinique Urologique Nantes-Atlantis, where over 100 Versius surgeries have now taken place commented: “Our team are experienced in doing complex urological robotic assisted surgeries for many years and from the first 100 cases using Versius I can say that switching from the surgical robot we were previously using to a Versius robot proved very easy and more efficient in several respects. The versatility of Versius has enabled us to perform complex procedures such as prostatectomies with ease, enabling us to adapt the surgical robot into our existing surgical practice with simplicity.”

The further acceleration of Versius installations will be led by CMR’s recently appointed global Chief Commercial Officer, and MedTech industry leader, Massimiliano Colella.

In 2024, the Company will be launching several new advanced technologies to the market that will further help to support the high utilisation of Versius, increase the range of complex procedures that can be performed and further drive the adoption of the product by new hospitals as CMR looks ahead to entering further new markets during the year.