Transforming Diagnostics

Sense Biodetection is developing an entirely new class of clinical diagnostic product, an instrument-free molecular test that combines the superior performance of laboratory testing with the proven market benefits of disposable rapid immunoassays, for everyday users to improve treatment and enable informed decisions in a decentralised healthcare system

CEO: Timothy Still
CIC oversight: Michael Anstey
Year of investment: 2019

Investment thesis

  • Opportunity to launch the world’s first instrument free molecular diagnostic test
  • Platform technology that can be adapted for any indication that would benefit from an instrument free
    molecular test

“Our COVID-19 test product can allow infected patients to be isolated sooner whilst providing reassurance to uninfected individuals including healthcare workers that they can return to work without infecting others. Due to its flexibility, speed and accuracy, the test can be deployed for rapid patient triage within hospitals as well as primary care practices, pharmacies and community centres and even distributed for use by individuals in isolation who suspect they may have COVID-19.” 

Harry Lamble, Co-Founder of Sense Biodetection

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