Global molecular diagnostics innovator, Sense Biodetection (Sense), today announced it has entered into a strategic agreement with TECOmedical for the non-exclusive distribution of Sense’s Veros COVID-19, the first test on the rapid, instrument-free, point-of-care Veros molecular testing platform.

The self-contained, single-use Veros COVID-19 product produces PCR-quality results in about 15 minutes, unconstrained by a reader or need for external power. TECOmedical, a Eurobio Scientific Company, is a leading specialty medical distributor with proven success developing new markets with innovative technology. Effective immediately in Germany and Austria, and pending regulatory approval in Switzerland, the agreement is the latest in Sense’s planned EU distribution partnerships as it commercializes its Veros platform.

“We are delighted to partner with TECOmedical to bring Veros COVID-19 to the market, building on the impressive reputation that TECOmedical has established with their customers,” stated Ryan Roberts, Chief Commercial Officer of Sense. “We’re optimistic that by adding the instrument-free Veros COVID-19 to their diagnostic portfolio, TECOmedical’s customers will be able to take advantage of a laboratory-quality molecular test that can enable improved access and faster diagnosis, helping them to provide exceptional care for their patients right at the point of use.”

“We are always looking for innovative technologies that address an unmet need,” said Marieluise Wippermann, CEO of TECOmedical. “Being able to offer an instrument free, PCR-quality result in minutes right at the Point of Care reflects our commitment to customers to bring solutions that help them overcome limitations of existing technologies and improve care. We are excited to launch Veros COVID-19 now and are eagerly anticipating an expanded Veros test menu in the future.”

Veros is the first and only instrument-free, single-use, rapid, point-of-care molecular diagnostic testing platform that produces lab-quality results in about 15 minutes. Using a proprietary, rapid molecular amplification technology, Veros aims to help to improve access to rapid, highly accurate, point of care testing for many more people, and help reduce the spread of COVID-19 with faster, more precise diagnoses.

Veros COVID-19’s clinical performance was established in one of the most comprehensive clinical trials in COVID-19 diagnostic testing conducted to date. The multicentre study prospectively enrolled nearly 300 evaluable subjects during both the Delta and Omicron variant surges of the pandemic. All study sites represented near-patient testing / point-of-care environments, with all test operators reporting no prior formal laboratory training or experience. 100% of operators agreed the Veros COVID-19 was easy-to-use, read and understand the results, with minimal hands-on time required from start to finish.

As the virus continues to evolve, Veros COVID-19 has maintained 100% conservation in all Variants of Interest and Concern identified to date by WHO and the US CDC, including all Omicron sub-variants.

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