Private equity and venture capital to support the UK’s economic recovery – new report highlights industry’s role in building back after the pandemic

  • Private equity and venture capital will support efforts across the UK to deliver growth in the COVID economic recovery and support other public policy priorities, as evidenced by 30 examples in the British Private Equity and Venture Capital Association’s (BVCA) ‘New Horizons’ report. The case studies also show the industry addressing the ‘levelling up’ agenda across the UK, driving the UK’s global competitiveness, and working towards Net Zero.
  • Companies featured include CIC portfolio companies Riverlane, CMR Surgical and PragmatIC.
  • The report focuses on the public value of private equity and venture capital investment. It shows that, after the hiatus in investments caused by COVID in spring 2020, activity rallied in the last half of 2020 with each quarter registering 200+ deals with an aggregate value of around £37.4 billion.
  • BVCA research goes on to demonstrate that productivity in private equity backed firms outstrips that of listed firms, pointing towards a brighter future for businesses benefiting from private equity investment as we start the recovery from the pandemic.

Read the full report here