We’re pleased to support Grounded AI in arranging an evening of case studies around PracticalAI.

With expert speakers Alex HousleyCatherine Breslin and Tim Gordon, the event will tackle challenges such as finding the right skills to do the work, the quality of the data needed to train models, model tuning and verification, permissions and privacy, and hosting costs.

Join in-person at The Bradfield Centre in Cambridge at 6pm on Tuesday 23 January 2024, or online, by registering at the link below.

Event description:

More than 50% of companies told Deloitte they planned to deploy AI in core business functions. For those who have already started, the challenges are clear:

  • does the valuable data I own have the correct permissions? Does it have errors and inconsistencies? Will it fall foul of the proposed EU legislation?
  • will using an off-the-shelf large language model (LLM) pose difficulties? What data has it been trained on? Will it create legal or reputational risks for me?
  • how will I monitor and control hosting and data transfer costs with cloud providers?
  • does my business have the in-house expertise needed to deploy an AI solution?
  • how do I deploy AI safely, quickly and legally in real world environments?

Four key figures in the AI industry present case studies from Machine Learning operations, talking through the pleasures and pitfalls of deploying AI solutions.