An impressive, multi-year agreement has been signed by machine learning pioneers Secondmind and Mazda Motor Corporation (Mazda) for the latter to license Secondmind Active Learning for Powertrain

The goal for the two businesses is to increase engine calibration efficiency, and help manage the increasing complexity of powertrain design and development.

Mazda is initially using Secondmind to calibrate ECUs that control the company’s next-generation SKYACTIV engine technology, and expects Secondmind advanced machine learning to more than double the efficiency of its conventional engine calibration process.

Commenting on the agreement, Gary Brotman, CEO of Secondmind, said: “Mazda is a leader in model-based design and a pioneer in the adoption and successful implementation of advanced machine learning. We’re excited that Mazda has chosen us as a partner to help take its innovations in powertrain design and development to the next level.”

Secondmind and Mazda are also extending a two-year research and development collaboration to focus on advanced hybrid and electric powertrain control systems, and strategic CASE applications.

Eiji Nakai, Executive Officer in charge of Powertrain Development and Integrated Control System Development from Mazda, added: “Secondmind unique active learning technology will enable us to automate the engine calibration process, and we expect to more than double efficiency in this area. We will utilize Secondmind machine learning technologies to help us evolve and develop more efficiently. We are convinced that Secondmind technology will effectively solve the most complex optimization problems faced by many companies.”