Bringing antibody innovation to animal health

PetMedix is using an innovative species specific antibody discovery platform to make the medicines pets need, keeping them healthier and happier for longer. Building on more than thirty years’ experience in human target identification and therapeutic drug development, they are applying cutting edge science to bring breakthrough treatments for companion pets.

CEO: Dr Thomas Weaver
CIC oversight: Robert Tansley
Year of investment: 2020

Investment thesis

  • PetMedix has recognised the gap in the provision of precision medicines for companion animals and has adapted a world-leading transgenic antibody discovery approach to discover highly selective therapeutics antibodies for companion animals.
  • This technology has the potential to be transformational for the pet industry, delivering precision drugs with high efficacy in a cost efficient manner.

“We have the people and the technology in place, and are champing at the bit to progress these therapies to reach the pets that could benefit. We know this technology has transformed the treatment and survival of human patients with a variety of conditions and we want to create the same paradigm shift in veterinary treatment options to improve welfare, quality of life and longevity for our dogs and cats.” 

Dr Thomas Weaver, CEO of PetMedix

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