New Strategic Partnership Enables Imagen and Marron Media to Further Build Successes with Clients across Australasia

Marron Media and Imagen, the intuitive video and rich media management platform today announces its strategic partnership to facilitate the innovative archiving, commercialisation and distribution of content across Australasia.

“Partnering with Imagen enables us to further build-on the successes of our existing and future clients. Imagen’s platform supports the media strategies of today and tomorrow, the adaptability of the solution enables users to make the most of the latest in media management and truly maximise the value of their content. We’re excited for what’s to come.”said Lara Richards, Co-Founder, Marron Media

“We’re delighted to be working with Marron Media, their expertise in the regional broadcast landscape and proven track record in supporting the worldwide growth of sports complements the Imagen offering. Marron Media’s hands-on, collaborative approach to relationships mirrors that of Imagen, and I look forward to working together to nurture relationships and strengthen our client’s brands.” Owen Shackman, Partnerships Director, Imagen