The LifeArc Translational Science Summit will highlight and encourage discussion on how translational science can bridge the gap between basic research and clinical applications, featuring presentations and insights from leading scientists, experts, investors, innovators and patient advocates.

Speaker highlights

  • Raghib Ali, CEO, Chief Investigator and Chief Medical Officer – Our Future Health
  • Dame Kate Bingham, Managing Partner – SV Health Investors
  • Charlotte Deane MBE, Professor of Structural Bioinformatics, Head of the Oxford Protein Informatics Group (OPIG) – University of Oxford
  • Barbara Domayne-Hayman, Entrepreneur-in-residence – The Francis Crick Institute
  • Stéphane Maikovsky, Interim Chief Executive Officer – LifeArc
  • Lord James O’Shaughnessy, Former Health Minister and Senior Partner – Newmarket Strategy

Other speakers include Dr Anne Horgan, Partner at Cambrdge Innovation Capital who will join a panel to discuss “Next generation university spin outs – what is the recipe for success?”

Programme tracks

Data-driven discoveries and translation
Experts from academia, industry, and research institutions will share how they harness large-scale datasets and computational methods including AI to advance discoveries and speed up translation.

Biotech ventures: navigating the funding landscape
In this track we discuss financing biotech companies in challenging times with leading VCs, explore the future of accelerators in the UK, and hear from companies who are breaking ground in novel areas of science.

Innovating translational science
This track will focus on how clinical, commercial, and technological innovations from research to clinical trials are advancing the translational ecosystem.

Breaking barriers: accelerating translation for under-served patients through collaboration
Patient advocates and industry experts will discuss how we can leverage the power of the patient voice and partnering.