Inivata is a leader in Liquid Biopsy – Transforming cancer care

Inivata’s liquid biopsy products provide essential genetic insights into cancer patients’ disease with a simple blood test. By tracking changes in the genetic material circulating in a patient’s blood, Inivata’s tests can not only diagnose a patient with cancer, but also direct physicians to the most appropriate therapy and allows monitoring of a patient’s disease during and after treatment.

CEO & Founder: Clive Morris, Chief Executive Officer | Nitzan Rosenfeld, Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer
CIC oversight: Robert Tansley
Year of investment: 2014

Investment thesis

  • Liquid biopsy is an increasingly important tool for cancer patients. The launch of a ctDNA next-generation sequencing liquid biopsy assay testing with results within seven calendar days allows for more rapid intervention.
  • Inivata’s patent-protected TamSeq technology underpins its product, RaDaR.
  • This ground-breaking product is a highly sensitive, personalised test which will allow for the detection of residual disease in multiple tumour types, providing uniquely valuable insights into a patient’s disease state and ensuring early intervention with targeted medicines.


  • Inivata was acquired by the leading oncology diagnostics company NeoGenomics in May 2021.

“The use of liquid biopsy can help to guide physicians in treating their patients with the most effective therapies, especially in those patients who may have insufficient tumour tissue available for full genomic analysis, or who are unsuitable for such invasive tissue biopsy procedures due to the risks involved.” 

Clive Morris, CEO of Inivata