Digital risk processing enhanced with property geospatial data via partnership with Geosite

Cytora, the leading digital risk processing platform, and Geosite, a provider of property geospatial data solutions, have announced a new partnership aimed at empowering insurers with enhanced underwriting and claims capabilities through the integration of Geosite’s property geospatial data APIs.

Geosite’s Underwriting & Claims Solutions offer a comprehensive range of property geospatial data aggregated from 28 reputable data providers. By integrating Geosite’s robust property geospatial data APIs into Cytora’s innovative risk processing platform, insurers gain access to a wealth of geospatial data, enabling them to make better-informed underwriting and claims decisions.

With the increasing complexity of risks in the commercial property insurance market, access to accurate and up-to-date geospatial data has become crucial for insurers. The integration of Geosite’s property geospatial data APIs into Cytora’s platform provides insurers with a holistic view of property risks, allowing them to assess risk factors related to location, climate, infrastructure, and more.

This partnership enables insurers to leverage advanced analytics and machine learning to optimise their underwriting and claims processes, improve risk assessment accuracy, and enhance decision-making across the commercial property insurance market.

Juan de Castro, COO of Cytora: “Cytora is committed to providing insurers with innovative solutions that enable them to make better risk decisions. Our partnership with Geosite brings tremendous value to commercial property underwriters by granting them access to a wide array of geospatial data. Together with Geosite, we are empowering insurers to proactively manage risks, improve their underwriting accuracy, and ultimately deliver better outcomes for their customers.”

Rachel Hausmann, Head of Partnerships at Geosite “Geosite is excited to collaborate with Cytora to provide insurance carriers with enhanced underwriting and claims solutions. Our geospatial data API, which aggregates data from 28 reputable providers, will offer insurers a comprehensive understanding of property risk. By integrating Geosite’s data into Cytora’s platform, insurers can enhance their decision-making capabilities, optimise underwriting processes, and ultimately deliver superior outcomes for their customers.”

This collaboration exemplifies Cytora’s commitment to equipping insurers with advanced risk processing solutions while leveraging Geosite’s expertise in providing comprehensive property geospatial data.