CMR Surgical expands into the Middle East

  • Versius being used to perform minimal access surgery (MAS) in several hospitals across the United Arab Emirates (UAE)
  • CMR’s new UAE office will be the first office in the Middle East enabling expansion of operations in the region

CMR Surgical (CMR) – the global surgical robotics business behind the next-generation surgical robotic system, Versius® – has today announced that it has successfully installed Versius into three hospitals in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), as the Company continues to expand globally in line with its mission to bring the benefits of minimal access surgery to more people around the world. To support the region, CMR has invested in the opening of a Middle East hub office in UAE and expects further sales in the region in the short-term.

In partnership with Gulf Drug, Versius has been acquired by hospitals across the UAE, where it is being used in a rapidly increasing number of surgeries in both public and private hospitals including at the Saudi German Hospital, Al Zahra Hospital, and American Hospital Dubai. The UAE, amongst other countries across the Middle East, has made considerable and rapid advances to adopt surgical robotics into clinical practice, and is seeing significant benefits by enabling more patients to receive MAS.

The installation of Versius across the UAE follows the introduction of the system in Europe, India and Australia. Versius has been used to perform a range of surgical specialities including Gynaecology, Colorectal, General and Urology surgeries to date. These include complex cancer cases that would otherwise have had to be performed via open surgical techniques, significantly reducing recovery time for patients and getting them out of hospital sooner.

Per Vegard Nerseth, Chief Executive Officer of CMR Surgical said:

“It is wonderful to announce our commercial progress in the Middle East and we are excited to be amongst an ecosystem of innovative companies in Dubai. Our presence in Dubai shows how our business approach on an international scale has evolved, representing expansion into an important region where our mission of increasing access to keyhole surgery really resonates. The rapid pace and adoption of Versius into world class hospitals in Dubai has been outstanding and we look forward to further developments across the Middle East.”

Dr Hatem Moussa, Director of General and Oncological Surgery at American Hospital Dubai said:

“With Versius, our team has been able to perform highly complex surgeries at high volume with greater dexterity, precision and ease. Having successfully performed fifty minimal access surgeries in forty-five days, the introduction of Versius is allowing us to treat more and more patients using minimal access techniques, which has great benefit for both patients and our surgeons, who would otherwise often experience physical discomfort performing a high number of operations manually. Versius is a great asset to us at American Hospital Dubai and the region overall, and I am delighted we have adopted this innovative new technology.”

Dr Reem Osman, Regional Chief Executive Officer at Saudi German Hospital Group said:

“Introducing robotic surgery will help our doctors achieve their surgeries with much better results and recovery time, delivering what we always promise – the best healthcare to our patients. This new state-of-the-art technology that is CMR’s Versius Surgical Robotic System is a very important advance to the world of surgery, dynamically digitising healthcare while ensuring a safe and comfortable experience for patients.”

The new CMR office, located in the Dubai Free Zone brings together top talent and highly experienced teams to help transform surgery and access to robotics for MAS in an advanced market. The UAE has a well-funded healthcare system looking to adopt new innovations providing an opportunity to bring surgical robotics to an underpenetrated region, for the benefit of hospitals and patients. The purpose-built building includes office space, conference and meeting rooms, and a high-tech robotics lounge to showcase Versius and facilitate training for frequent visiting surgeons. Working with partners, CMR anticipates significant growth in the Middle East region in the coming years.

The announcement follows CMR’s commitment to an accelerated commercial expansion following a successful $600 million (£425 million) Series D funding round, the largest-ever private MedTech raise earlier this year. The funding will support the continued expansion of the company, bringing Versius to more hospitals and patients around the world, as well as the continued development of the Versius digital ecosystem, such as Versius Connect – a specialised app developed for surgeons using Versius.