CIC rated as top 10% for ESG performance in the ESG PE and VC Transparency Index 2021 by Orbis Advisory Ltd and ITPEnergised

Orbis and ITPEnergised analysed private equity and venture capital firms on their ESG performance for the ESG Transparency Private Equity and Venture Capital Index 2021.

Of 122 venture capital firms analysed, 11 were rated as first class, including Cambridge Innovation Capital.

Measurement criteria

  1. ESG policy
  2. In house ESG
  3. Pre-investment due diligence
  4. Alignment with ESG frameworks and benchmarks

Commentary on CIC

Through its ESG Policy CIC has adopted best practices within its internal operations through energy efficiency, waste management, company culture, diversity and inclusion recruitment management, and governance compliance.

CIC also embeds ESG externally through active engagement and proactively seeking investment opportunities in companies that can accelerate the transition to a low-carbon economy.

CIC also ran an ESG workshop in 2021 and is developing an ESG toolkit to support portfolio companies in implementing ESG factors into their strategies.

CIC is a signatory to the UN PRI to help guide decision-making within investment management processes through the Investment Committee, which considers ESG issues through the lifecycle of investment process, including pre-investment, follow-on investments and exits.