November 2023 newsletter

This month we are celebrating CIC’s 10th anniversary and a decade of innovation.  The photographs above are from a celebration we recently hosted to thank all of the friends and colleagues that have supported us.  We have also created a short animation ‘A Decade of Innovation’ which you can view below.

It has been a busy quarter in the CIC portfolio.  We announced a new high profile investment in Prof. Allan Bradley’s latest company, T-Therapeutics.  We also sold Allan’s previous company, PetMedix, to Zoetis and sold Imagen to Thomson Reuters.

It has been a busy few months on the policy front.  CIC welcomed the recent Mansion House compact, where leading pension funds committed 5% of their investments to the UK private growth sector.  CIC was also a leading signatory of the recent VC compact, announcing our collaboration with these pension funds.

In addition, I was invited earlier this year by the UK government to co-author with Prof. Irene Tracey, an independent review of the UK’s university spin-out ecosystem. Our review and set of recommendations were published last week. It was an honour to participate in the preparation of this report.  I share my learnings in a blog post below.

Finally, in this newsletter, we are delighted to share with you our 2023 Impact and ESG report.  I would like to congratulate Michelle Lamprecht on the leadership she has shown this year, hosting a recent Mansion House ESG event and joining the Steering Committee for the ESG_VC program.

Andrew Williamson

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