Gary Brotman: leveraging AI experience gained in the music industry to build better cars, faster.

Get set for a roller-coaster ride through the captivating career of Gary Brotman, CEO of Secondmind. Prepare to be hooked as we journey from the dancefloor to the driver’s seat, mapping how this former professional DJ and PR whizz now uses his skills to help automotive engineers make cars smarter and faster. It’s a story of art and architecture, of music, tech and machines, and ultimately, of mastering the art of storytelling in a rapidly digitizing world.

Gary spills the beans on his teenage love affair with a Datsun 280ZX, his battle with imposter syndrome, and how a passion for storytelling played a pivotal role in his transition from PR to product. Listen closely as we wind our way through the digital music ecosystem, with pitstops at Qualcomm, Yahoo, and Musicmatch. You’ll hear tales of pitching digital jukeboxes, the launch of the Neural Processing Unit (NPU), and how a knack for telling stories helped Gary to shape the narrative around AI and mobile technology.

Finally, we park up at Secondmind, where Gary uses his wealth of experiences to revolutionize the automotive industry. You’ll learn how this cloud-based optimization engine is helping engineers to design better cars, faster, and how Gary’s unique approach to team-building – rooted in authenticity and diversity – is driving success. So buckle up and join us for an unforgettable ride through the intersection of tech, music, and the automotive world. Be prepared, we’re going to change gears and accelerate swiftly into the future!


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