PragmatIC’s Scott White and Arm’s James Myers discuss the transformative potential of flexible chips

In the past 50 years, microprocessor technology has moved from silicon capable of simple arithmetic calculations to 64-bit microprocessors that power the world’s most efficient supercomputers. And while the number of transistors has jumped from thousands to tens of billions, the materials used in chip production have remained the same. But are silicon chips the best solution for all use cases? PragmatIC believe otherwise, and their flexible chip technology suggests they may have an alternative to transform many products and markets.

In this episode, Geof Wheelwright is joined by PragmatIC CEO Scott White and James Myers, Distinguished Engineer at Arm Research. The pair will discuss the benefits and challenges of flexible chip technology, the collaborative projects between the companies and where they see the technology deployed in the future.

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Geof Wheelwright, Arm Viewpoints Host

  • Geof has worked as a journalist, author, broadcaster and consultant for more than three decades – and in a variety of technical content management, corporate communications and senior management roles at several technology companies. He has contributed to a broad range of media outlets – including The Guardian, the Financial Times, The Daily Telegraph, The Daily Mail, The Independent, Canada’s National Post, Time Magazine, Newsweek and a number of specialist technology industry sites (such as Geekwire) and Travel titles (including Travel + Leisure).

Scott White, Chief Executive Officer, PragmatIC

  • Scott White is an experienced serial entrepreneur, leading his sixth technology venture as CEO of PragmatIC. He was also a co-founder and board director at computer vision-based AI company Cortexica, acquired by Zebra Technologies. Past successes include Azea Networks, which he grew from concept to 8 figure sales levels before acquisition. He has lived and worked across the globe including Australia, Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, the US and UK.

James Myers, Distinguished Engineer, Arm

  • James leads the devices and circuits team in Arm Research and is an expert in low power design with 20+ patents and 15+ chip tapeouts.