Today Cambridge startup AudioTelligence announces that its groundbreaking aiso™ for Hearing technology has won a Hearing Technology Innovator Award™

The company’s software received Hearing Technology Innovator Award™ for Personal Amplification: Software in the Assistive Technology & Software category. This award is part of the programme through which Hearing Health & Technology Matters (HHTM) recognises technological innovation and achievement in the hearing industry. This year’s awards programme saw dozens of innovative technologies submitted from companies across the globe in 8 categories.

Aiso™ for Hearing provides world beating technology that solves the problem of hearing speech clearly in noise. Aiso™ for Hearing can be integrated into many different types of personal assistive listening devices including earbud charging cases and remote microphones. Its entirely new approach actually separates individual speech sources while also turning down the surrounding noise.

“We are thrilled to receive this award, which recognises that our solution to the problem of hearing in noise is radically different from other currently available technology”, said Ken Roberts, CEO of AudioTelligence. “By combining our patented Blind Source Separation and Low Latency Noise Suppression, aiso™ for hearing lets users follow a conversation seamlessly even in noisy environments. In developing this software, we have overcome the limitations of traditional audio processing techniques.”

Hearing health is a global issue, with millions of people worldwide finding it hard to hear clearly in noisy environments. Assistive listening technology is no longer something of relevance just to people who have a diagnosed hearing issue: we can all benefit from technology which supports our hearing health. Software, such as aiso™ for hearing, that can be added to personal assistive listening devices looks set to be more and more important as the world becomes an increasingly noisy place.

The Hearing Technology Innovator Awards™ recognise the huge importance of hearing health and the programme has helped raise over $20,000 to support the work of two non-profit organisations: the Hearing Loss Association of America and the Hearing Health Foundation.

“The goal of the Innovator Awards™ is to recognise the organisations and people who bring new hearing care ideas to life,” said the 2022 Awards Program Chair, Jerry DeRosa. “Technologies being developed by companies like AudioTelligence are helping drive innovation forward across the industry.”