AudioTelligence announces Orsana, the first universal assistive listening device

Orsana is the first universal assistive listening device designed to help everyone hear clearly in noise – with or without hearing aids. In the past, solutions for hearing in noise have either been traditional hearing aids, which need additional own brand remote microphones to work well in noise, or separate, more generic remote microphones that have to have a wired connection to earbuds. Now for the first time, consumers will be able to add additional hearing enhancement to any brand of Bluetooth Low Energy enabled hearing aids, or simply enhance their ability to hear in noise by connecting wirelessly to earbuds. All using the same device.

Orsana is a tabletop remote microphone which will leverage the new Bluetooth Low Energy, low latency codec and which is set to become a key component of the hearing enhancement offering from both hearing aid manufacturers and makers of consumer electronics. The new Bluetooth technology will allow the device to connect wirelessly to BLE enabled hearing aids or to wireless earbuds, with the low latency necessary for face-to-face conversations. Earbud manufacturers are currently developing new products which will harness BLE Low Latency, making them ideal partners for Orsana.