Pioneering quantum software

Riverlane builds ground-breaking software to unleash the power of quantum computers. Their operating system, DeltaFlow, supports a range of quantum hardware platforms, including superconducting, trapped ion and semiconducting q-bits.

CEO & Founder: Steve Brierley
CIC oversight: Andrew Williamson
Year of investment: 2019

Investment thesis

  • Quantum computing hardware platforms are advancing rapidly and the era of commercially available quantum computing is rapidly approaching
  • Riverlane provides the software platform to enable quantum computers to address applications such as quantum simulation and optimisation, making optimal use of the underlying hardware capabilities

“We build ground-breaking software that transforms quantum computers from experimental technology into commercial products. Going deep into the stack, we help hardware partners build better full-stack solutions so they can focus on the physics. And we work with the chemical, pharmaceutical and materials industries to improve algorithms and specify early killer applications of quantum computers.”

Dr Steve Brierley, CEO of Riverlane

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