Robert Tansley

Robert is a Partner focusing on Life Sciences. After seven years working in hospital medicine, Robert worked in development and regulatory roles at Sanofi, the MHRA and Roche.

Robert then spent a decade at early-stage biotech companies, including Chief Medical Officer at Arakis (sold to Sosei Inc), founder and CEO at Treague, founding CEO of the University of Copenhagen spin-out Avilex Pharma and founding Chief Medical Officer of KalVista (Nasdaq: KALV).

Robert qualified in medicine from UCL. He is a member of the Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists and the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine and has an MBA from London Business School and an M.Phil in Biostatistics from the University of Cambridge.

Prior to their exits, Robert managed CIC's investments in Inivata (sold to NeoGenomics), Gyroscope Therapeutics (sold to Novartis), Z Factor, Morphogen-IX (each part of the roll-up with Centessa), Abcodia (sold to GenIncode) and PetMedix (sold to Zoetis). Robert manages CIC's investments in Carrick Therapeutics, CMR Surgical, Exvastat, Microbiotica, Pretzel Therapeutics, and T-Therapeutics.


Current companies 

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Carrick Therapeutics

Fighting aggressive cancers

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CMR Surgical

Developing minimal access surgical robots for maximum patient benefit

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Saving lives by defeating ARDS from any cause

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Gyroscope Therapeutics

Vision protecting therapies

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Inivata is a leader in liquid biopsy

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Harnessing the power of the microbiome

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Antibody engineering for animals

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Pretzel Therapeutics

Pioneering mitochondrial therapies

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