Ruth March is Senior Vice President of AstraZeneca’s Precision Medicine and Genomics function. Her leadership in precision medicine led to the regulatory approval and launch of 25 new diagnostics linked to four of AstraZeneca’s precision medicines in Oncology and Inflammation.

As the member of the Innovative Medicines and Early Development leadership team responsible for patient selection, Ruth has driven the adoption of innovative precision medicine approaches by 90% of AstraZeneca’s clinical portfolio. These include the first therapeutic label based on circulating tumour DNA, the first companion diagnostic for complex laboratory testing, and the first point of care diagnostic linked to respiratory disease treatment.

Ruth leads the corporate Genomics Initiative, which aims to analyse two million genomes by 2026 to discover rare variants that underlie common disease. With 10 academic and industrial partners, the Centre for Genomics Research publishes award-winning studies at international meetings and in high impact journals.

Ruth serves as a member of Definiens’ Supervisory Board, the National Genomics Board and other advisory boards in genomics and digital health. Her academic career in the genetics of autoimmune disease was centred in London and Oxford.