Cambridge Innovation Capital named as Best Performing Investor of the Year

For the first time, life science innovators, companies and their supporters were invited to celebrate their success in various categories, at the inaugural One Nucleus Annual Awards.


  • Best Performing Facilities Provider of the Year: Stevenage Bioscience Catalyst
  • Best Performing Investor of the Year: Cambridge Innovation Capital
  • Best Performing Non-Profit Life Science Innovation Enabler of the Year: Medicines Discovery Catapult
  • Best Performing Non-Profit Research Organisation of the Year: Parkinson’s UK
  • Best Performing Primary R&D Company of the Year: AstronauTx
  • Best Performing Professional Service Company of the Year: Protagoras Group
  • Best Performing R&D Service Provider of the Year: Abzena
  • Best Performing Technology Transfer Office of the Year: The Francis Crick Institute Translation Team
  • Outstanding Contribution to Life Sciences: Dr Anji Miller, LifeArc

See all of the finalists and find out moe about the event, here.