We provide early stage capital to disruptive, deep technology companies and life sciences businesses in therapeutics, medtech/diagnostics, digital health and genomics/proteomics

  • Abcodia Logo


    CEO, Julie Barnes

    CIC oversight,

    Developing Novel Tests for the Early Detection of Cancer

  • Audio Analytic Logo

    Audio Analytic

    CEO & Founder, Chris Mitchell

    CIC oversight,

    We've empowered machines with the sense of hearing

  • Audio Telligence Logo


    CEO, Ken Roberts

    CIC oversight,

    Leading the world in blind audio signal separation from multi-microphone audio

  • Bicycle Therapeutics Logo

    Bicycle Therapeutics

    CEO, Kevin Lee

    CIC oversight,

    We didn’t wait for the next advance against cancer. We created it.

  • Carrick Therapeutics

    Carrick Therapeutics

    CEO, Timothy Pearson

    CIC oversight,

    Clinical stage oncology drug development company

  • Cmr Surgical Logo

    CMR Surgical

    CEO, Per Vegard Nerseth

    CIC oversight,

    Transforming surgery. For good.

  • Congenica Logo


    CEO, David Atkins

    CIC oversight,

    Revolutionising the way genetic diseases are characterized and diagnosed

  • Cytrora Logo


    CEO, Richard Hartley

    CIC oversight,

    Powering the future of commercial insurance

  • Exvastat Logo


    Director, David Cavella

    CIC oversight,

    Developing a novel treatment for acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS)

  • Fluid Analytics Logo

    Fluidic Analytics

    CEO, Andrew Lynn

    CIC oversight,

    Changing the way proteins are characterised

  • Geospock Logo


    CEO, Richard Baker

    CIC oversight,

    Make decisions that matter, be part of the future of location analytics

  • Gyroscope Logo

    Gyroscope Therapeutics

    CEO, Khurem Farooq

    CIC oversight,

    Developing genetically-defined therapies for the treatment of eye diseases

  • Imagen Logo


    CEO, Charlie Horell

    CIC oversight,

    Unleash your videos' potential

  • Inivata Logo


    CEO, Clive Morris

    CIC oversight,

    A leader in liquid biopsy

  • Microbiotica Logo


    Co-founder and CEO, Mike Romanos

    CIC oversight,

    Transforming personalised medicine with leading microbiome science

  • Morphogen Ix Logo


    CSO, Nick Morrell

    CIC oversight,

    Developing transformative drugs for the treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension

  • Origami Logo

    Origami Energy

    CEO, Peter Bance

    CIC oversight,

    Technology to help you balance supply and demand

  • PetMedix (transparent)


    CEO, Thomas Weaver

    CIC oversight,

    Bringing antibody innovation to animal health

  • Polyprox Therapeutics Logo

    Polyprox Therapeutics

    CSO, Laura Itzhaki

    CIC oversight,

    Developing Polyproxin™ drug candidates that target and remove disease-causing proteins

  • Pragmatic Logo


    CEO, Scott White

    CIC oversight,

    Create more

  • Predict Immune Logo


    CEO, Paul Kinnon

    CIC oversight,

    Enabling better treatment and outcomes for patients with chronic immune-mediated diseases

  • Prowlerio Logo


    Co-Founder and CEO, Vishal Chatrath

    CIC oversight,

    AI platform for decision-making in a complex, dynamic and uncertain world

  • Riverlane (June2020)


    CEO and Founder, Steve Brierley

    CIC oversight,

    Pioneering quantum software

  • Sense Logo

    Sense Biodetection

    CEO, Harry Lamble

    CIC oversight,

    Transforming diagnostics

  • Storm Therapeutics Logo

    Storm Therapeutics

    CEO, Keith Blundy

    CIC oversight,

    Harnessing the power of RNA epigenetics

  • Swim Logo (1)


    CEO, Ramana Jonnala

    CIC oversight,

    Transform streaming data into real-time insights

  • Undo 2019 logo


    CEO, Barry Morris

    CIC oversight,

    Reduce software defect resolution time

  • Z Factor Logo

    Z Factor

    Founder and Director, James Huntington

    CIC oversight,

    Developing a novel therapeutic agent for alpha-1-antitrypsin deficiency