Nstream Cloud PaaS is the Fastest Way to Build Full-stack Applications with Streaming Data; Early Access Now Open to Developers

  • Ensure full visibility, context, and automation of streaming data value through to the application layer
  • Purpose-built to complete the data pipeline with an innovative process-then-store architecture
  • Offered as a fully managed platform-as-a-service or self-managed on-premises with customizable templates for easy deployment
  • Low-code / no-code allows less technical teams to become citizen developers for their needs

At this year’s DeveloperWeek, streaming application pioneer Nstream (formerly Swim) is offering exclusive early access to its unique streaming application platform as a service (PaaS). Nstream Cloud makes it easy to configure, deploy, and manage end-to-end streaming applications for real-time data observability, analysis, and automation. Early access to Nstream’s purpose-built, low-code platform allows developers to see how straightforward it is to build full-fledged applications that stream data non-stop from ingestion, through stateful objects, streaming APIs, and real-time UIs.

Nstream is the first general purpose platform for running business logic—the lifeblood of applications—directly on data in motion. Organizations use Nstream to continuously model the ever-evolving state of their business, autonomously evaluate time-sensitive decisions in complete real-time context, and oversee every automated action as it is taken.

“Organizations struggle to get real-time insights into the hands of end-users and enterprise systems quickly enough to drive meaningful action,” says Chris Sachs, founder and CTO at Nstream. “Streaming data is readily available these days. But applications that can keep up with data in motion are few and far between. Nstream completes the streaming data pipeline by running the entire application stack in-stream.”

From Data in Motion to Software in Motion

With configurable data connectors, pre-built application components, and out-of-the-box real-time visualizations, Nstream Cloud provides everything developers need to quickly start building streaming applications that conveniently run Nstream’s battle-tested, self-managed platform on-premises.

Until now, it has been difficult and costly for organizations to execute mission-critical business logic with low latency. Business logic is typically designed to work exclusively with data at rest. Nstream closes the gap between data in motion and data at rest by running business logic directly within digital-twin-like stateful objects, where all data appears instantaneously at rest, despite being in constant motion between operations. The end result is that entire applications can now run at the speed of their fastest data sources.

Kevin Petrie, vice president of research of Eckerson Group, said, “To compete and survive in a digitizing world, modern enterprises need to extract real-time signals from lots of digital noise. NStream addresses this opportunity by helping developers build applications that provide real-time observability, apply context to that data, and then take automated actions. This supports a range of use cases, including supply chain management, retail, network optimization, transportation systems, and more.”

The Myth that Real-Time Is Expensive

The predominant store-then-process approach to data processing has led to costs growing linearly with data volume. Doubling the data rate doubles the cost of storage needed to buffer data until it is processed. Many organizations worry that cutting latency to zero must exponentially increase cost. But this is not the case.

Nstream’s process-then-store approach decouples latency from storage cost. Business logic is evaluated the instant new data arrives. The consequences of that data are accounted for and immediately acted upon without having to ever store much of the incoming data for later processing. Process-then-store lets users choose to store only necessary data, regardless of the rate at which data is received.

According to Sachs, “Until now, the perceived expense of real-time arises from stop-gap attempts to reduce the latency of software stacks that were never intended to operate in real-time. By taking a first-principles approach to technology development, Nstream has engineered out the root causes of latency and inefficiency that limits traditional architectures to “near real-time.”

Nstream Cloud Features and Benefits

Organizations seek to complete the last mile of their data pipeline by closing the loop on their streaming data use cases to ensure that insights make it to relevant end-users and enterprise systems in a timely manner. The Nstream Cloud free developer tier helps organizations quickly demonstrate the value of their existing streaming data investments. The fastest way to build full-stack streaming applications, Nstream Cloud enables developers to:

  • Extend streaming data pipelines into the application layer – gets streaming data into the hands of end-users and applications quickly
  • Combine multiple in-motion and at-rest data sources into stateful application models – provides real-time situational awareness at scale
  • Run real-time business logic in full entity-relational context without waiting on costly database round-trips to reconstruct entity state – reduces latency and overhead
  • Stream granular real-time state changes to external clients over multiplexed streaming APIs – improves user experience and operational agility
  • Construct dynamic streaming graphs and real-time data visualizations that aggregate and correlate the behavior of millions of related entities in real-time – enabling contextual decision automation that outpaces competitors
  • Get started with configurable low-code templates – speeds development time

Nstream at DeveloperWeek (In-person and Virtual)

  • Chris Sachs Open Talk Keynote: “Streaming Data has an Application Problem” (in-person February 17, 1:30 pm PT, Oakland Convention Center; virtual February 23, 1:30 pm PT). Register here.
  • DeveloperWeek booth #306