The ability to identify disease causing genetic variants offers the potential for improved diagnosis and new treatments. Two organisations at the forefront of this genomics revolution are the first tenants in the new genome sequencing and business incubator buildings on the Wellcome Genome Campus, which was officially opened on 21 November by the UK Prime Minister Rt Hon Theresa May.

In one half of the co-joined building, the Bridget Ogilvie Building, Genomics England Ltd has a facility providing sequencing of the whole genome, making this information available for medical diagnosis. In the other part, the Biodata Innovation Centre, Congenica, with its software platform Sapientia™, enables the data to be interpreted and supports the diagnosis of the gene variants associated with disease.

Dr Tom Weaver, CEO of Congenica, says: “We are delighted to be on the Genome Campus. Being located here has enabled us to make great strides in the development of Congenica’s pioneering technology Sapientia.”

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