CIC portfolio companies PragmatIC Printing and Geospock have both had success in recent business awards

PragmatIC Printing won the Startup of the Year Award in the Business Weekly Awards.

Adrian Bennett of PwC explained: “PragmatIC is a world leader in ultra low cost flexible electronics, enabling the potential for trillions of smart objects that can sense and communicate with their environment.

“Its technology enables integrated circuits thinner than a human hair to be easily embedded in any surface, introducing interactivity into a wide range of everyday items.

“At a fraction of the price of conventional silicon chips, PragmatIC’s products enable a vast range of new applications: from intelligent packaging of fast-moving consumer goods, to wireless traceability of documents for security and identification.”

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The following night at the Cambridge News Business Excellence Awards, GeoSpock won the Hewitsons Award for Business Innovation.

As the Managing Partner of Hewitsons, Colin Jones, commented when presenting the award “In a part of the UK that hardly lacks for innovation, the candidates for this year’s award are strong, inspirational and vibrant examples of what makes Cambridge a well-recognised centre for leading business and entrepreneurial flair.”

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