Exvastat Ltd has begun a clinical pharmacology trial in healthy volunteers as part of the development programme to evaluate the use of repurposed imatinib for the treatment of Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (“ARDS”).

“ARDS is a very serious condition with a high mortality rate for which there are currently no approved therapies, and from which more people die every year than breast or prostate cancer” said David Cavalla, Chief Executive Officer of Exvastat Ltd. “We are using a repurposing strategy backed by strong intellectual property and good preclinical validation, to reformulate an existing drug and fast-track its development for this serious condition.”

“The trial will investigate the pharmacodynamics and safety of imatinib in a human experimental model of ARDS. Imatinib is a well-described drug with a long safety history, that has shown significant promise as a potential treatment for ARDS based on preclinical studies carried out in European and US institutions, as well as clinical case reports of benefit in closely related conditions.” said Dr Charlotte Summers, Chief Scientific Officer of Exvastat Ltd and University Lecturer in Critical Care Medicine at the University of Cambridge.

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