Versius Surgical Robotic System Launches in First Public Hospital in France

  • Argenteuil Hospital near Paris has become the first public hospital in France to begin using Versius to perform minimal access (keyhole) surgery
  • This launch follows a major call for tenders that enabled Versius to be selected by Resah, whose central purchasing agency pools more than €1 billion of purchases in France

CMR Surgical (CMR) today announced the launch of its Versius® Surgical Robotic System at Argenteuil Hospital, a leading public health centre based near Paris, France. The announcement follows a competitive tender win for Versius, which has now been selected as a preferred surgical robotic system for minimal access surgery (MAS) by Resah – one of the largest public purchasing centres in the health sector, which collaborates with more than 700 public and private non-profit hospital, medico-social and social centres. The news today highlights Versius’ value to leading healthcare systems across the world and reinforces its role in driving forward a new era of accessible and adaptable surgical robotics.

Per Vegard Nerseth, Chief Executive Officer of CMR Surgical commented: "It is great to be able to introduce Versius to a reputable, public centre such as Argenteuil Hospital. Argenteuil Hospital has acquired the system after we were selected by Resah, as part of one of the largest tenders in the country, following a competitive process. This means hundreds more hospitals in France now have the option of benefitting from Versius."

Argenteuil Hospital has acquired its Versius system to support a range of surgical procedures that may benefit significantly from being performed via robotic MAS. These include urological and gynaecological surgery.

Dr Hubert Oro, Urologist at Argenteuil Hospital commented:

We are delighted to announce the introduction of Versius at Argenteuil Hospital. This is ground-breaking technology that offers the precision, versatility and freedom that surgeons need during minimal access procedures. In just one single system we have all the options we need – we can use a single robotic arm, for an emergency case, or have three arms working together to complete a range of complex, lengthy procedures. In short, Versius adapts completely to our needs and will strengthen our surgical capabilities, enabling us to significantly improve patient care.


Versius brings next-generation technology to MAS. It can be moved easily and used in virtually any operating room. It also offers a route to making surgical robotics more routinely available, addressing inequity in access to surgical robotics technology. Across France, over 1,500 hospitals currently perform MAS, yet only 6% of medium-sized public hospitals have a robotic surgery department. Versius aims to offer an innovative solution to this challenge, making MAS far more accessible.

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