Storm Therapeutics announces publication of “RNA-Modifying Enzymes and their Inhibitors” in 2020 Medicinal Chemistry Reviews Publication provides timely and critical reviews of important topics in medicinal chemistry

STORM Therapeutics, the leading biotechnology company focused on the discovery and development of small molecule therapies modulating RNA epigenetics, today announced that it was invited to contribute a comprehensive review on the role of RNA-Modifying Enzymes and their inhibitors, which was published today in 2020 Medicinal Chemistry Reviews, Volume 55. This is the annual edition of the journal covering breakthrough target classes and areas of drug discovery.

The review, “RNA-Modifying Enzymes and their inhibitors”, written by Wesley Blackaby, Byron Andrews, Beth Thomas, David Hardick, and Eric A. Miska from STORM Therapeutics provides an account of significant developments in the field of RNA modifications and progress on translating work into small molecule therapies. See link to paper 

The chapter describes the different families of RNA-modifying enzymes and their inhibitors, the links between specific RNA modifications and disease, novel techniques used to detect and quantify RNA modifications, and general features of RNA-Modifying enzymes, including selectivity and druggability.

Keith Bundy, CEO of STORM Therapeutics, said:

We are honored that STORM Therapeutics was invited to contribute this authoritative review of the emerging and highly promising field of drug discovery for RNA epigenetic targets. This reflects our position in the industry as the leading company currently tackling disease through modulating RNA modifying enzymes.


2020 Medicinal Chemistry Reviews is published by MEDI, the Medicinal Chemistry Division of the American Chemical Society. The Division of Medicinal Chemistry and its members have been driving forces behind the discovery of revolutionary new medicinal agents and thus have had a major impact on human health.

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