Start Codon, a new model of life science and healthcare business accelerator, today proudly debuts its first cohort of start-up companies. Start Codon aims to minimise risk and translate early stage research into successful start-ups, ready for funding and partnership.

Start Codon has worked closely with four exciting life science and healthcare companies that were enrolled into the programme in February this year. They are:

  1. Enhanc3D Genomics, a functional genomics spin-out of the Babraham Institute (Cambridge, UK) whose platform technology links non-coding sequence variants to their target genes in order to identify novel therapeutic targets
  2. Drishti Discoveries, a start-up leveraging a proprietary gene silencing technology to develop therapies for rare inherited diseases
  3. Spirea, a spin-out from the University of Cambridge, who is developing the next generation of antibody drug conjugate cancer therapeutics which carry more drug payload to tumour cells, resulting in greater efficacy, tolerability and the ability to treat more cancer patients
  4. Semarion, a University of Cambridge spin-out, who is revolutionising cell-based assays for drug discovery and life science through its proprietary SemaCyte® microcarrier platform, which leverages novel materials physics for assay miniaturisation, multiplexing, and automation

They will debut on 26 June 2020 at the Milner Therapeutics Symposium “Building Collaborations to Transform Therapies” and 14 July during the annual OnHelix conference organised by One Nucleus. The presentations will see the companies unveiled to audiences of investors and senior pharma execs.

Start Codon plans to invest in and support up to 50 start-up companies over the next five years. The accelerator is now accepting applications for its second and third cohorts of companies. Early stage start-up companies in the life sciences and healthcare space are invited to apply via the application form here 

Dr Jason Mellad, Co-founder and CEO at Start Codon, said:

We are providing life science and healthcare companies with a unique combination of funding, facilities and mentoring to support their
development and success. It is exciting to be working closely with these four exciting start-up companies, helping them to successfully commercialise their novel ideas and discoveries.


Daniel Rooke, Co-founder and Head of Operations and Legal at Start Codon, said:

“We are extremely proud to present the first group of companies from the Start Codon programme. Having provided the mentoring, coaching and infrastructure to fast-track their commercial development, it is incredibly exciting to see how the technologies and teams have progressed.”

To learn more about Start Codon, click here.