Release of GeoSpock DB, the Space-Time Analytics Database

GeoSpock is excited to announce the launch of GeoSpock DB, an all-new space-time analytics database optimised for high performance querying and data fusion on real-world use cases.

GeoSpock DB is a cost-effective, future-proofed replacement for traditional analytics databases struggling with high latency, slow response times, and rising infrastructure costs.

Ideal for organisations that

  • need to fuse multiple, sensor-generated data sources together to improve location intelligence
  • seek to improve time series by device type data analytics - augment usage & consumption analytics by location enabling richer monetisation
    dynamically manage IoT systems by powering location-based monitoring, reporting, and predictive analytics
  • are ready to build one data truth with data fusion and power machine learning, AI, simulation tools, and digital twin workloads
  • struggle with slow query response times on complex, heavy analytics workloads, including spatial joins and point of interest analysis

Key Features

  • Fast query response, speed at any scale: GeoSpock DB enables efficient storage, data fusion, and rapid programmatic access through its scalable query engine, which reads data directly from S3 storage.
  • Powerful programmatic access with industry-standard ANSI SQL and admin CLI: Query your data using an industry-standard ​ANSI SQL​ interface and ​JDBC​/ODBC connectors. Indexing and query optimisations on datasets happen automatically during ingestion, so you don’t have to worry about handling different index systems for different use cases.
  • Cost optimised: Have complete control over your query clusters (and hence your costs) – work with us via our flexible deployment model to determine the optimum query cluster size for your business needs.
  • Instant usability for real-world insights: Access to more than 50 SQL geospatial functions, many of which are compliant with the Open GeoSpatial Consortium’s Simple Access Features for SQL. Specific optimisations are available for several of the most common geospatial functions used in location intelligence analytics – providing you with answers to the most critical questions in seconds.
  • Security first: Security framework providing ​flexible user authentication support using existing identity providers.

Try it for yourself with GeoSpock DB Discovery here

Discovery is a free-to-access version of our proprietary query engine designed specifically for integrations and performance testing. Connect your AWS account to test connectivity with your existing analytics tool box, and gain access to a library of over 100 TB of open source data with which to examine GeoSpock DB’s performance on scenarios relevant to your business. Full support and data science consultation available!

Go further with GeoSpock DB Enterprise

Enterprise brings the full capabilities of GeoSpock DB to your organisation. Running entirely in your own cloud environment, Enterprise delivers all that GeoSpock DB has to offer, whilst keeping your data secure and you in control. Our simple licence terms place no limits on data size, query volumes, user numbers, or integration connections – making sure you only pay for the performance you need.

Find out more about GeoSpock DB Enterprise