CMR Surgical announces 1,000 surgeries completed by Versius

  • Versius, the next-generation surgical robot has been used to successfully conduct over 1,000 surgical procedures in hospitals across Europe and Asia
  • Combining Versius with a wider digital ecosystem, including a clinical registry, opens the door to working with surgeons to deliver data-driven insights and improve surgical outcomes

CMR Surgical Ltd, (CMR) today announced the successful completion of over 1,000 in-human surgeries with the Versius® Surgical Robotic System worldwide. Since 2018, Versius has created significant opportunity for greater adoption of minimal access surgery (MAS), otherwise known as keyhole surgery and has been used to perform a broad range of procedures – from complex cholecystectomies to hysterectomies – across its early adopting centres. Having initially launched in India, a country internationally renowned for laparoscopic surgery, CMR’s global footprint has increased significantly, with hospitals across Europe and Asia acquiring Versius over the last 18 months.

Mark Slack, Chief Medical Officer of CMR Surgical commented:

It is fantastic to be working with surgeons to successfully perform over 1,000 surgeries globally – an important milestone as we bring MAS to patients around the world. We always set out to introduce Versius responsibly, and by using the clinical registry alongside our system, we are able to continuously analyse the growing data we have and share insights with the surgical community so that we can work together to deliver the best surgical care.


While manual MAS is complex to perform, the benefits for patients are well recognised. Versius, as a next-generation surgical robot, has been designed to help patients around the world gain the benefit of MAS techniques. The surgical cases completed using Versius are being captured within CMR’s clinical registry to ensure patient safety, and in the long-term, support surgical standards.

Professor Dr Raj Nagarkar from HCG Manavata Cancer Centre, India who recently completed the 1000th clinical case said: “Since the introduction of Versius at our centre in the last year, we have conducted over 300 robotic assisted surgeries, including complex cancer resection. We are seeing clear patient benefits including reduced pain, and length of stay. Additionally, the open console means I can operate comfortably, helping to reduce physical tiredness from surgery. The adaptability and dexterity of Versius means it can be adopted by hospitals around the world – ultimately benefiting many patients.”

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