Audio Analytic joins Arm’s AI Partner Programme

Article by Neil Cooper, VP of Marketing for Audio Analytic

The consumer electronics industry largely runs on Arm®-based technology, and the future of edge-based AI, also known as TinyML, depends on the architectures and core technology developed by Arm.

We’ve always had a close collaboration given our proximity to Arm’s Cambridge HQ and a lot of personal connections. Our work together was highlighted last year when we were given early access to Helium technology – the recently announced M-Profile Vector Extensions (MVE) for the Armv8.1-M architecture – and invited to use it to run our sound recognition software. You can read more about the impact here.

In his keynote at 2019’s AIoT Developer Summit, Arm’s CEO, Simon Segars also highlighted our ability to embed our AI software platform onto their smallest microcontroller design, the Arm Cortex®-M0+. You can learn more about the M0+ challenge that we set ourselves here.

To support further collaboration and to demonstrate cutting-edge technology actually running at the edge, we have more recently joined Arm’s strategic AI Partner Program.

Jem Davies, Vice President and General Manager, Machine Learning Group, Arm said: 

Audio Analytic brings a wealth of experience in sound recognition through contextual AI. This new addition to the AI Partner Program accelerates us towards becoming one of the world's most influential machine learning industry groups.


Working closely with Arm gives us the ability to implement our software alongside new Arm-based silicon designs, software, and developer tools. This in turn helps us to do more for our customers as they adopt the next wave of Arm technology for future products with a sense of hearing beyond just speech and music.

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