Audio Analytic CEO, Dr Chris Mitchell, recognised as a top technologist in voice/sound in 2020

Dr Chris Mitchell - why he made the list 

Chris is helping elevate sound recognition as a peer of speech recognition. While everyone is talking to their voice assistants, the research team at Audio Analytic is building sound recognition models that can detect non-speech ambient noises ranging from breaking glass and safety alarms to babies crying and even notice whether you are in a crowded bar or a seaside beach. A recent deal with Qualcomm promises to bring Audio Analytic’s acoustic scene recognition to millions of smartphones in 2021. Mitchell holds 31 filed and granted patents and is an associate lecturer at Anglia Ruskin University. Following the completion of his Ph.D. in sound information systems and signal processing, Chris received a Kauffman/NCGE Fellowship to investigate the commercial implications of his research, which included attending Harvard Business School and a brief tour with Cisco Systems. He then founded Audio Analytic in 2010 and serves as CEO. Today, the technology is applied to identifying sounds that can indicate a health or safety risk for people within a building, and that is expanding to lifestyle applications. Audio Analytic raised a $12 million funding round in 2019 and over $20 million to date.

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