Creating a Scientific Superpower

QEII Conference Centre, London | Free 

The UK Government has vowed to restore Britain’s position as a global science and technology superpower - with the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine already showing what’s possible if the UK’s innovation ecosystem is fully supported.

This conference will present the opportunity of the UK’s world class scientific innovation, particularly emanating from the Oxford and Cambridge ecosystems, and discuss the role academia, the private sector and government need to play to enable UK R&D to reach its full potential on the global stage.

The conference is being brought together by the teams at Advanced Research Clusters (Harwell/Brookfield), British Land, Bidwells, OxCam Arc Universities, UKSPA and One Nucleus, with speakers from global scientific enterprises, international investors and leading academics.  400+ delegate event will bring together and audience of major investors, leading scientific enterprises, academics, civil servants and MPs.

Speakers include 

  • Lord Willetts to deliver a keynote on - Becoming a Scientific Superpower on Earth and in Space
  • Michael Anstey, Partner at Cambridge Innovation Capital will present on 'Investing in UK S&T' 
  • Also attending are senior representatives from AstraZeneca, Oxford Nanopore, UKRI STFC, Harwell Campus, OUD, British Land, Abcam, UKAEA, Evotec, Cambridge Innovation Capital, Oxford University, Kadans Science Partner and many others
  • See the full agenda

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