The way to supercharge your early-stage growth within Life Science

18 November 2021 | Free webinar

At 14.00-15.00 join Michael Anstey and a panel experts share insights into how the Discovery Park Reactor Programme and One Nucleus Virtual Innovation Centre initiatives can create a bridge towards future success to impact growth beyond the programme and what is needed to achieve this.

Programmes and schemes which focus on early stage support are vital for the life sciences ecosystem. They play a key role in assisting innovative early stage Life Science companies to access critical resources. These programmes will often run for a limited amount of time, after which a company will transition into the next stage of growth. 

  • Martino Picardo, Chairman, Discovery Park (Moderator)
  • Claire Thompson, CEO, Agility Life Sciences
  • Uday Phadke, Co-founder & CEO, Triple Chasm
  • David D'Alton, Executive Chairman, Oyster Venture Partners
  • Michael Anstey, Partner, Cambridge Innovation Capital

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