PEWlive Technology Summit

10-11 February 2021 | Virtual event | Watch the recording of the webinar below

The PEWlive Technology Summit will assess how digitisation and the adoption of new technologies are shaping the world of private equity and at future trends in PE technology – both from an operational and an investment perspective – at a time of rapid and far-reaching change.

Join us in February to hear how technological change and innovation are transforming every aspect of the PE business – and to gauge the future opportunities and challenges facing managers, investors and counterparties throughout the private equity world.

Andrew Williamson joins the panel: Value creation in Europe’s technology sector

  • Value creation: How do managers think about value creation in this current environment? How do they measure it, and what are one or two of the most important metrics they look for in a target technology company?
  • Value protection: Easy to protect value in a benign environment, but how are managers preparing for future market downturns? And how important a role does the Operating Partner play?
  • Investor return expectations: Is there a disconnect between GPs and LPs when it comes to return expectations?


  • David Enriquez, Head of Private Equity, Bureau of Asset Management in the Office of the New York City Comptroller
  • Andrew Williamson, Managing Partner, Cambridge Innovation Capital (CIC)
  • Chip Virnig, Partner, Thoma Bravo
  • James Williams, Editor in Chief, PrivateEquityWire (moderator)

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