Retaining and motivating employee teams is crucial to the success of any knowledge-based business. The next seminar in CIC’s occasional series  considers ways in which employees can be motivated and retention rates increased, beyond mere pay increases.

Kirsty Gill, Chief People Officer at Arm will give us some practical pointers to motivate staff, building on the experience gained in various leadership roles in the People Team at Arm over the last 16 years. Kirsty is known for developing programs that deliver high performance, high engagement and progressive organisations. At Arm she is focused on creating a workplace where people love to collaborate, growth is encouraged and innovation flourishes, all done in Arm’s own unique way.

Phil Wall and Russ Spargo from Signify will start from a theoretical underpinning of what it is that motivates humans, to explore how this can be applied our own organisations. Drawing on extensive work within big pharma and tech sectors, Signify will introduce us to an approach that they have pioneered and used widely within the corporate world as part of engagement and retention strategies.

Signify’s approach builds on psychological research into our inherent desire to discover, and operate out of, our own sense of purpose. This has direct relevance to those in leadership roles and when applied within their organisations can help to engage, motivate, retain and even attract employees - and to do so by making the world a better place. Be prepared for an informative, high energy and interactive session!

Following the end of the formal part of the seminar, we will round off with a drink or two and a chance to discuss what you have heard in an informal setting.


Wednesday 30 January 2019 from 16:30


Maxwell Centre, JJ Thompson Avenue, Cambridge, CB3 0HE