Integration will brings fast, reliable, and secure address capture and validation for over 250 countries, streamlining the underwriting process for insurers.

Cytora, a leader in transforming underwriting workflows within the insurance industry, is pleased to announce the integration of Autoaddress’ Address Capture into its underwriting productivity tool. This integration brings fast, reliable, and secure address capture and validation for over 250 countries, reducing form friction, enhancing user experience, and improving global data quality, further streamlining the underwriting process for insurers.‍

With over 20 years of experience, Autoaddress delivers accurate address and geolocation data, which integrated with the Cytora platform will enable substantial operational efficiency and lead to better risk assessment as well as swifter decision making for insurers.‍

Juan de Castro, COO at Cytora, said: “Integrating Autoaddress’ Address Capture into our platform marks the advancement in our mission to optimize underwriting workflows. This collaboration will allow our users to experience seamless address capture and data input, which are crucial for precise risk evaluation and improved customer experiences. We’re excited about the enhanced capabilities this brings to our underwriting productivity tool, reinforcing our commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions to the insurance industry.”‍

Pat Donnelly, CEO at Autoaddress said:” Cytora is the right integration partner for us, as both organizations strive to create smooth customer experiences while delivering a secure, scalable, business driven insurance solution.  We look forward to working with the Cytora team and continuously offer a seamless address capture to complement their underwriting productivity tool.”