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Detecting ovarian cancer early

Current order:         Acquired order: 5

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Audio Analytic

Empowering machines with the sense of hearing

Current order:         Acquired order: 3

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Hear what matters most

Current order: 34         Acquired order:

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Bicycle Therapeutics

A new approach to precision-guided therapies

Current order: 4         Acquired order:

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Cambridge GaN Devices

Making sustainable power electronics possible

Current order: 19         Acquired order:

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Carrick Therapeutics

Fighting aggressive cancers

Current order: 9         Acquired order:

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CMR Surgical

Developing minimal access surgical robots for maximum patient benefit

Current order: 1         Acquired order:

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Complement Therapeutics

Developing the next generation of complement medicines

Current order:         Acquired order:

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Clinically actionable insights from patient genomes

Current order: 7         Acquired order:

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Powering a new era of digital insurance

Current order: 15         Acquired order:

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Bringing cancer vaccines out of the dark

Current order: 23         Acquired order:

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Saving lives by defeating ARDS from any cause

Current order:         Acquired order:

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Gyroscope Therapeutics

Vision protecting therapies

Current order:         Acquired order: 2

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Delivering more value from video

Current order: 6         Acquired order:

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Inivata is a leader in liquid biopsy

Current order:         Acquired order: 1

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Harnessing the power of the microbiome

Current order: 5         Acquired order:

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Finding a treatment for pulmonary arterial hypertension

Current order:         Acquired order:

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Mosaic Therapeutics

Targeted molecular cancer therapies created by breaking down cancer’s complexity

Current order: 20         Acquired order:

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The path to real-time data streaming

Current order:         Acquired order:

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Origami Energy

The independent energy data platform to accelerate the energy transition

Current order: 12         Acquired order:

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Antibody engineering for animals

Current order: 10         Acquired order:

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Revolutionising semiconductor technology & manufacturing

Current order: 2         Acquired order:

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Revealing the likely direction of disease

Current order: 25         Acquired order:

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Pretzel Therapeutics

Pioneering mitochondrial therapies

Current order: 17         Acquired order:

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The Error Correction Stack that unlocks useful quantum computing

Current order: 3         Acquired order:

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Salience Labs

The photonic computing company

Current order: 21         Acquired order:

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Design better cars, faster

Current order: 14         Acquired order:

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Machine learning deployment for the Enterprise

Current order: 11         Acquired order:

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Sense Biodetection

Redefining diagnostics at the point-of-care

Current order:         Acquired order:

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STORM Therapeutics

First-in-class therapies targeting RNA modifying enzymes

Current order: 13         Acquired order:

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Unlocking the power of T cell biology

Current order: 18         Acquired order:

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Unlikely AI

Intelligence reimaged

Current order: 24         Acquired order:

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Z Factor

Building treatments for alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency

Current order:         Acquired order:

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