Undo has announced that it will move central offices to 22 Station Road, part of the vibrant new CB1 city quarters being developed around Cambridge station.  The move is the next stage in the company’s expansion, having announced a $3.3 million Series A funding round in October 2016.

Undo expects to take advantage of the new location for recruitment purposes, having tripled its workforce over the past two years.  It is still hiring for both commercial and development roles so that it can expand its product portfolio with a strong emphasis on helping customers improve their Continuous Integration and DevOps processes.

Greg Law, CEO, said that “This is a very exciting day for Undo.  Three years ago we were a five-person company working out of my garden shed and now we’re joining the likes of Microsoft, Deloitte and AstraZeneca at CB1”. Asked how he expected the move to affect recruitment, Law said “Joining Undo is a unique opportunity for software developers who want an active part in their company’s vision and product development. Our proximity to the station means that this opportunity is now open to developers along the London-Cambridge corridor. We are at the forefront of developing exciting technology that no one else in the world is doing or has done; technology that is used by some of the biggest enterprise software companies in the world. Our new location will help us attract even more of the talent we need to change the way the world thinks about software.”

Undo’s lead investor, Cambridge Innovation Capital (CIC) has played a key role in helping Undo reach this latest stage of growth. As Victor Christou, CEO of CIC explained, “Undo’s innovative technologies, combined with exciting expected growth in its core market globally, make it a great addition to the high calibre of businesses that continue to bloom here in Cambridge. Seeing Undo located beside the biggest technology companies in the Cambridge Cluster is testament to the company’s success and an exciting stage in its evolution.”

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